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Lintasarta Supports Digital Transformation For Business

In recent years, we’ve seen rapid growth in the number of people gaining access to the internet, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, and advanced analytics. It means that to keep up with the digital era, businesses should have a digital transformation plan. This transformation could deliver economic growth through productivity gains, brings people into the formal economy, and creates new markets through innovation.

The digital transformation is changing the rules of the game in any aspects including economy. Digital transformation is now the new normal in business. It is what is required to keep up with the competitors and what customers demand. According to Pure Storage’s global survey, almost 70% of 200 businesses in Indonesia generate revenue mostly from their digital technology stream, higher than the average of 46% in Asia Pacific and Japan. This statistic shows how important the transformation to the businesses in Indonesia.

Although the digital transformation is changing Indonesia’s businesses, there are still a lot of things to be fulfilled. Therefore, in order to support businesses in Indonesia, such as banking industry, Lintasarta continuously giving their best solutions. Some of the solutions are Big Data Analytics, Media Analytics, API Connect, Managed Security Services, and Collaboration Solution. The data that grows rapidly makes businesses have to work faster to analyze and take impactful decisions, which is not easy. Because of that, Lintasarta Big Data Analytics can be a solution to analyze the data that grows really fast. This solution would also brings insights to determine new opportunities and take better decisions.

Not only the importance of leveraging data that is beneficial to the business, in the digital era, technology such social media are getting more users everyday. People now use social medias to tell their thoughts about a brand. Besides that, communicating through social media is already formed as a habbit. Therefore, businesses have to be aware of this trend and actively listening to the medias, so that businesses have clear thought on what the society are thinking about their brands. In order to meet that need, Lintasarta comes with Media Analytics, a solution to track any sentiments that came from online media.

For application developers, building sophisticated apps could be a challenge. However, Lintasarta provides a solution for that problem called API Connect Solution. Because of that, building and handling such sophisticated apps can be so much easier.

Handling a business is not easy. Security is something to be aware of. A business has to keep the data safe from cyberattacks. Lintasarta Managed Security is a solution to save company’s crucial data and anticipate from any kind of threat such as brute force, malware, phising and others. Moreover, good communication makes good business. A company also need to collaborate with the others. So, Lintasarta also provides Collaboration Solution that allows the company to have high quality collaboration, including video conference and file sharing, so that a company can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

The digital transformation is needed to survive in this disruptive era, not only in banking industry, but also all other industries as well. This transformation can be a good thing if it is supported by high-quality infrastructures. Lintasarta as an ICT Total Solution Company supports this transformation by providing end-to-end solutions, from infrastructures to business applications, delivered with the best service that will benefits you. As your reliable partner, Lintasarta is commmitted to grow together while building a greater Indonesia through technology.