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Lintasarta Supports Smart City Initiative with These Solutions

Indonesian government is aggressively making efforts building smart cities, to increase living standards and ensure sustainable resource management while simultaneously underscoring several challenges it needs to confront. The smart city concept offers a new approach for some of Indonesia’s major cities, which have undergone significant growth. This concept focused on the development and integration of information, communication technology and Internet of Things (IoT) in a secure and effective way to manage public assets and lresources. This concept is developed in order to improve public services, city competitiveness, and economic contributions.

The cities’ population will definetely increased each year which require the government to give better and more reliable services to the society. The government needs to be more creative to solve the problems such as traffic jam, health issues, etc. Therefore, a smart city can be a solution to help providing better services to the society. In order to make this concept happen, Lintasarta has several solutions to provide the needs of digital technology that gives benefits to the city stakeholders. One of the solutions is a platform that provides a convenience to develop and integrate public services using open platform and open data model concept called Lintasarta Command Center. This platform allows the collaboration between the government and third party software developers and local startups to develop and integrate new application to ease city’s problem-solving efforts.

Lintasarta Smart City comes with various solutions such as Lintasarta Command Center, City Living, Citizen Request and media Analytics. City Living is a solution that displays informations for city guests to know more about the city’s best destinations for tourism, culinary, etc. Citizen Request allows citizen to easily report any incidents like trash problems, broken roads, fire accidents, etc. While Media Analytics helps local government to read all social media and online media news about their city that eventually improve government’s learning ability to learn any positive and negative sentiments of the city.

For the industrial area within the city, there are more solutions available. One of them is Lintasarta Internet CCTV Access which is a fiber-optic based internet service which can be used to access CCTV in public areas, monitoring traffic jam, and others using cloud as the storage. As the support to CCTV access, Lintasarta also created more solutions such as public security with video analytics, Maximo Asset Management, Waste Management, and Smart Meter to track the electricity consumption.

Lintasarta is fully committed to support the government’s initiative to create smart cities throughout the country by integrating the citizen, government, and technology to improve public services, city competitiveness, and economic contributions.