March 21, 2018

Optimizing Your Business with WAN Optimizer

Expanding a business is not simple. Nowadays as the internet plays a crucial role in business, many companies including local, private, or even international have expanded online to reach more customers. But doing so requires expertise, time, and hard work. The good news is it is easier to earn more business opportunities through digital channels. However, to develop your business to the next level, you need to continuously improve and optimize your existing initiatives. Some technologies are required to help your business optimize the performance, and Lintasarta WAN Optimizer has been developed to do just that.

WAN Optimization, also called WAN Acceleration, is a collection of technologies and techniques used to strengthen the efficiency of data transfer across the Wide-Area Network (WAN).

Lintasarta provide this to businesses as an optimizer solution. This technology is important as it allows you to prioritize traffic and guarantees a certain amount of bandwidth for the most critical applications. As the WAN develops with advancements in applications, cloud computing, and other technologies, WAN Optimizer has become more essential, and it already has a major impact on cross-network business applications.

To expand a business and maximize its performance, we need a communication system which is accessible continuously for the company. To help you do that, Lintasarta Managed WAN Optimizer offers services which includes installing and monitoring devices. Those services are also supported by Application Acceleration service which accelerate the application’s response time and Scalable Data Referencing (SDR). To optimize data communication, this service is also equipped by Transport Streamlining which uses TCP/UDP protocols.

WAN Optimizer devices also ensure bandwidth availability towards critical applications. It can be done because of Appflow Engine with Deep Packet Inspection service. This service helps us to identify bandwidth usage.

As most businesses expand online, more time is required to maximize performance. This takes hard work, and we need a technology that can help us in optimizing the business. Because of that, Lintasarta WAN Optimizer can be a good friend for your business. With this solution from us, this technology can help your business expand.

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