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How IT Security Could be Improved Towards Digitalization

Nowadays, as digitalization grows, it affects the world in many aspects including our businesses. This can be a positive thing for the companies since the transformation can create new opportunities for companies to innovate and gain market share by outperforming the competitors. However, while a business grows faster, it is followed by the also-growing risk, haunting to be exploited if improperly managed. To prevent this from happening, you might want to implement security best-practices on your company.

Building the right IT security management team is one of many ways to increase your control over company’s IT security. Implementing end to end security actions and applications are needed to create a safer environment. But be careful, implementing (only) firewall is not a sign that you are already on a good security practice. Breaches could come from everywhere including your network, mail, browser, and other endpoints.

Managing security has never been an easy thing. It requires a proficient skill and continuous effort to secure all of your devices. That’s why our customers love the options we have through Lintasarta Managed Security Services, which include Managed Network Security Services, Vulnerability Management System, Hosted Mail & Web Security Services, Intelligent Log Management, Emergency Response Services, and X-Force Threat Analysis.

If you have any doubts on your network security, our Managed Network Security Services (MNSS) could help you prevent and detect intrusions, which will be a huge boost if you have limited IT Security staffs and have a limited budget to invest on a Security Operation Center.

If you would like to know where your current system vulnerabilities lie on your system, you might want to look at our Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) which is a cloud-based service that allows you to scan your internal and external network infrastructure to identify and classify vulnerabilities and offer steps to remediate threats.

For a company which has bigger employee base and heavily uses the internet, our Hosted Mail & Web Security services (that can be selected individually or in any combination) could help to fend off threats that arrive in your organization’s email or through the web.

To allow clearer vision on every log/ activities across your IT resources, we have Intelligent Security Information and Event Management Services (SIEMS). This fully-managed service designed to help companies without a central log management system and didn’t have the ability to convert it to security events.

What if unpleasant things already happened in your company? Our Emergency Response Services (ERS) provide the right resources to assist you in preparing for managing and responding to security incidents, including steps for analysis, intelligence gathering, containment, eradication, recovery, and prevention. The analysis of incidents and all of your system’s logs will be analyzed through our X-Force Threat Analysis service which offers comprehensive daily threat assessments, customized alerts, security news and threat repositories that help you improve your overall security readiness.

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